Strayan Slang

Strayan Slang Aussie slang App

Strayan Slang App

Fair dinkum Strayan Slang is defo the most true blue Aussie slang app out there full of bonza stickers that you can text to your mates!

Fair dinkum you can say blimey, crikey, you beaut, strewth, cheers, onya, no worries and g’day to flamin’ galahs, bogans, deros, legends and mates. You’ll be texting to your mates in Strayan in no time!

Strayan Slang is an Aussie slang iMessage sticker pack app available for Apple mobile devices. Download in any Apple App Store globally. Just search for Strayan Slang.

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Strayan Slang Aussie slang app
Strayan Slang Aussie slang app
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