• Splendrous

Two No#1’s!

Two Splendrous apps made it to #1 in the Apple App Store charts in December 2021! Both Kiwi Slang and Christmas Greetings got to #1.

Bloody Nora, you’ll never see a more hard case Kiwi slang app so chocka full of choice stickers to text to your mates! Sweet as! You can now say all good, munted, bloody Nora, cheers, choice bro, chur, hard yakka, sus, stink, and yeah nah to drongos, pikers, eggs, ratbags, and skites.

Strayan Slang App
Christmas Greetings App

Splendrous is an app business that specialises in iMessage sticker pack apps for iOS Apple mobile devices. Splendrous apps include Kiwi and Aussie slang apps: Kiwi Slang and Strayan Slang.

Splendrous was founded by Nicki Woodlock in Sydney, Australia in 2020. Nicki is the Managing Director & Founder. Nicki is responsible for the product design and development of the Splendrous apps, marketing and business management.